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Spring 2003

EXTRA CREDIT: Attend one of the following colloquium talks and write a one paragraph + summary for 1 extra credit point:

March 6
Thomas J. Owens, University of South Carolina
Evidence for a Mantle Plume Beneath East Africa

March 27
Aaron Velasco, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Texas at El Paso
Talk Title TBA

April 17
Matt Pritchard, CalTech
Volcanic, Earthquake, and Post-Seismic Processes in West-Central
South America Constrained by InSAR and Seismology

Colloquium talks are held on THURSDAYS 4:00 - 5:00 PM, Haury Building (Anthropology), Room 216.

ASSIGNMENT for those who missed Cottonwood Wash field trip; due March 25

*Figure 1 referred to in assignment

April 23, 2003: Plate Tectonics

April 17, 2003: Continental Formation

April 1, 2003: Shear Zones and Shear Sense Indicators

March 27, 2003: Foliations and Lineations

March 13, 2003: Introduction to Folds

March 11, 2003: Cottonwood Wash Fieldtrip Notes/Strike-Slip Fault Systems

March 6, 2003: Normal Faults

March 4, 2003: More Thrust Faults

February 27, 2003: Thrust Faults

EXAM 1 Review Sheet

February 18, 2003: Stress and Deformation, Part 2

February 13, 2003: Stress and Deformation, Part 1

February 13, 2003: Stress and the Mohr Diagram

Homework 2: Mohr Stress Diagram

Homework 1 Answer Sheet

February 6, 2003:  Joints and Shear Fractures

February 4, 2003: Faults: An Introduction to Their Geometries

January 30, 2003: Stereographic Projections

January 28, 2003: Visualizing Structures 

January 23, 2003: Active and Recent Sructures

January 21, 2003: Plate Tectonics

January 16, 2003: Overview of Structural Geology

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