Dissertation Defenses 2015-2016

Date Time Candidate and Dissertation Title Location
11/20/15 9:30 am Ryan Leary. "Post-collisional evolution of the India-Asia suture zone: basin development, paleogeography, paleoaltimetry, and paleoclimate." ENR 253
11/30/15 9:30 am Elizabeth Balgord. "Triassic to Neogene Evolution of the Andean Retroarc: Neuquén Basin, Argentina." ENR 253
3/30/16 9:00 am Phil Stokes. "Diversity in geoscience: Critical incidents and factors affecting choice of major." G-S 201
4/18/16 2:00 pm Kendra Murray. "Interpreting low-temperature thermochronology in magmatic terranes: Modeling and case studies from the Colorado Plateau." ENR 253
5/6/16 9:00 am

Kathleen Compton. "Climate Driven Glacial Retreat, Surface Uplift, and the Rheological Structure of Iceland: Insights from cGPS Geodesy."

ENR 253
5/11/16 9:00 am

Barbara Lafuente. "Architecture of Databases for Mineralogy and Astrobiology."

G-S 209
5/11/16 12:00 pm

Sarah Truebe. "Past Climate, Modern Caves, and Future Resource Management in Speleothem Paleoclimatology."

Bannister 110
6/3/16 1:00 pm

Ching-Chih Chang. "Iodine-129 as an Oceanic Tracer."

G-S 209