Last updated: May 2, 1996

Statistical Workshop

(statistical analysis using SAS)

Instructor: Michal Kowalewski

Geos. 599
2 units

(TBA) August 27, 1996 - November 1, 1996

First meeting:< br> Tuesday, August 27, 5 pm.,
Gould-Simpson Bldg., room 303

course registration number: 10701
(contact the instructor before you register)

This workshop will help students to develop practical skills in using one of the most powerful and exhaustive statistical software packages: SAS (Statistical Analysis System). Although this workshop will include discussion of some more theoretical topics in statistics, it will not substitute for a regular statistics course .
The workshop will meet once a week for 2 hours to discuss practical exercises in SAS-programming. The workshop will include weekly assignments and a final project. The project will be a statistical analysis (using SAS of course!) of any, but preferably the student's own, data set.
We will cover the following topics:

No prerequisites are needed to take the workshop but a general knowledge of PC/MAC, VAX/UNIX, and internet environments as well as some basic understanding of statistical methods will be helpful.
Contact the instructor with questions or comments at:

Michal Kowalewski
Department of Geosciences, University of Arizona
tel: 626-6144 (or 621-6024) fax: 621-2672

Comments or questions on this web page should be sent to
Michal Kowalewski at:

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