Interactive Station Location Map

The seismological component of the Continental Dynamics project CAUGHT consists of 50 broadband seismometers (20 sensors in Peru (CP) and 30 in Bolivia (CB)). The array deployment was completed in November of 2010 and is scheduled to continue to collect data until August of 2012. Please click on a site for more specific information.


CP01 CP02 CP03 CB20 CB21 CB22 CB23 CB25 CB24 CB26 CB27 CB28 CB29 CB2A CB2B CB2C CB2D CB2E CB2F CB2G CB11 CB31 CB32 CB41 CB42 CB33 CB43 CB54 CB44 CB34 CP06 CP07 CP04 CP09 CP12 CP11 CP10 CP13 CP14 CP15 CP17 CP16 CP18 CP19 CP20 CB12 CB13 CB14 CB15 CP05 CP08