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Spencer R. Titley

Professor, Economic Geology





I am a mining and resource geologist and have taught courses over the past several decades on ore deposit geology, theory, and exploration with an emphasis on exploration parameters, regional settings and metallogenesis. Over these same decades I have worked summers and on leave in many districts and deposits in countries of the Pacific Rim. Student candidates in graduate studies with me have carried out their research on a variety of topics related to these interests, with scales of study ranging from regional field work through study of orebodies, to evaluation of orebody outcrops, hydrothermal alteration, and trace element and isotope geochemistry.


My research has had a concentration on those aspects of regional geology, geochemistry and isotope studies that lead to an enhanced understanding of the time and place of metal concentrations. Whereas much of my work has been on porphyry metal systems (Cu-Mo-Au), I have also studied and reported on the geology of different ores across the hydrothermal spectrum, ranging into precious metal epithermal ores of Mexico and New Guinea. My principal focus of activities in these fields is generating scientific information that may be applied to the actual problems of discovery of ores and their development as mines. My Photogeographic focus has been the Pacific Rim and I have taught numerous short courses for industrial and academic persons on Porphyry Copper Genesis and Exploration in Chile, Australia, the Philippines, and New Guinea, as well as the United States.

I currently teach University courses in basic and advanced mineral deposits, mineral resources and societal relevance, as well as on-demand courses in regional settings of ores, hydrothermal alteration, and in ore and alteration microscopy.


  • Geol. E. (Mining Geology) 1951; Colorado School of Mines
  • Ph.D. (Geology & Chemistry) 1958; University of Arizona


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