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George Gehrels

Professor, Tectonics and Geochronology




My main research projects include stratigraphic, structural, geochronologic analyses of the Coast Mountains of southeast Alaska, a detrital zircon provenance study of accreted terranes in the western US and Canada, and analyses of the uplift and erosional history of the Tibet Plateau.

I share an isotope geochemistry lab with Jon Patchett and Jay Quade, which is equipped with a mass spectrometer and several clean labs. My main use of the facility is for U-Pb dating of igneous rocks and detrital zircon grains.

I teach Introductory Geology (GEOS 101, 103), Cordilleran tectonics (GEOS 426), Regional Structural Geology (GEOS 423), and the Geology of Arizona (GEOS 404).

I organize research-oriented seminars and workshops for undergraduate students each semester. A current project is a detrital zircon study of terranes in Nevada and California, in which eight students are collecting and analyzing their own samples.

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