Ecuador Rapid Array Mobilization Project Team Returns from First Service Run

Researchers and a family stand in front of a house in EcuadorProfessor Susan Beck, post­doctoral researchers Rob Porritt and Colton Lynner and graduate student Daniel Portner are part of an international response to record af­tershocks and study the M=7.8 megath­rust Pedernales earthquake that occurred on April 16, 2016, off-shore Ecuador along the subduction zone plate boundary. The earthquake caused 660 deaths, nearly 28,00 injuries, and major destruction along ~200 km the west coast of Ecuador.

The UA Geosciences group is part of a team, along with colleagues at the Instituto de Geofisico at the Escuela Politecnica Nacional (IGEPN) in Quito, and Lehigh University that deployed seismometers to record aftershocks in the jungles of Ecuador. Colton and Daniel recently returned from the first service run of the experiment to collect the data that have been recording on flash cards and to make sure everything is running properly. The project is funded by NSF.