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Joellen L. Russell

Paul J. Goodman
"Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire" - William Butler Yeats

Our planet is vast, complicated and dynamic, and we live in a time of great change. As undergraduates, we benefited from professors who lived William Butler Yeats' attitude about teaching, "Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire." We now strive to emulate our mentors in our own teaching. Sharing the passion and drive for understanding of both the known and unknown with our students is one of the great joys of working here at the University of Arizona. The terrific advantage of teaching and learning at a major research university is the opportunity to use the very latest tools to help our students make their own discoveries about their planet. Our research benefits daily from the energy and enthusiasm our students bring to their work.

The novelty of our research program lies in the integrated design of a laboratory that fully utilizes new numerical modeling techniques in earth system studies, with in-situ and remote-sensing observations of the atmosphere, ocean, cryosphere and terrestrial biosphere. We feel it is vital to provide more quantitative tools to assess, describe and bridge the various climatic aspects of geosciences. Our NOAA-funded climate modeling laboratory bridges the gap between modern research practices and student education in an area of growing national interest - earth's climate system. The main objectives are:
  • to fully utilize modern numerical modeling techniques in earth system science to gain new knowledge of the physical and biogeochemical impacts of climate change
  • to expand this new understanding of the global climate system to paleoclimate
  • to create synergistic and integrated learning experiences to better educate future scientists and professionals about regional and global climate change impacts

Courses Taught
Undergraduate - Russell
GEOS212 - Introduction to Oceanography (Fall - each year) (Syllabus)
GEOS342 - Evolution of the Earth, Ocean and Atmosphere (with P. Reiners, Fall 2008,2009) (Syllabus)
GEOS396H - Honors Seminar - The Ocean's Role in Climate (Fall 2012) (Course Webpage)
GEOS479/579 - Introduction to Climate Dynamics (with J. Yin, Fall 2011) (Syllabus)
GEOG547/GEOS547 - Global and Regional Climatology (with K. Hirschboek, LTRR, Spring - 2012,2014) (Course Webpage)

Undergraduate - Goodman
GEOS212 - Introduction to Oceanography (Summer - each year, Fall 2013) (Syllabus & Course Website)
GEOS218 - Geologcal Disasters and Society (Fall 2012) (Syllabus)
GEOS251 - Physical Geology (with P. Kapp, Spring 2013) (Syllabus)
GEOS478/578 - Global Change (with S. Saleska, EEB, Fall 2012) (Syllabus)

Graduate Seminars
GEO596H - Modes of Climate Variability (Spring, even years) (Course Website)
GEO596H - Advances in Climate Modeling (Spring, odd years) (Course Website)
GEO596H - Climate and Tectonics (with B. Carrapa, Fall 2011) (Poster)

Several undergraduate students that have worked in the lab have received NASA Space Grant Fellowships.
Please send us your CV/Resume if you are interested.

We often provide guidance and/or assistance to graduate students who are interested in including Climate or Climate Modeling in their Dissertation/Thesis. Please feel free to contact us to talk about your project.

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