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To add temporal and spatial variability to our investigation of the interaction of the wind and carbon cycle, we use general circulation models of the ocean and the coupled ocean/atmosphere system. One focus of our current efforts is the Southern Ocean which acts as the lungs of the ocean, "inhaling" oxygen and "exhaling" carbon dioxide - determining the partition of carbon between atmosphere and ocean. In pursuit of this research, we use in situ and satellite measurements of the atmosphere, the ocean, and ocean bottom sediments, as well as coupled climate models of the atmosphere-ocean-ice-land system.

We are currently in the process of using all of the publicly available oceanic surface pCO2 data to design "An Optimal Global Sampling Network" to capture the variability of of the surface carbon concentration on seasonal, annual, and interannual time scales. Our main purpose is to determine the spacial and temporal scales necessary to determine the net annual air-sea flux of carbon within ± 0.1 Pg C in every major region of the global ocean.

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