Class Listserv

The Life on Earth class listserv will be your primary source of information on last-minute changes in the lecture, workshop, and fieldtrip schedules, and its a very convenient way to set up study-groups for the exams and contact the people in your workshops. You can use it to ask general questions of the TAs and Prof., too. 
  1. You have to have an email account, and that's easy because everyone registered is eligible You can use email to schedule meetings with any of us, or you can use email simply to ask questions of clarification about assignments or about lecture materials, etc. The TAs and Prof will answer you on the same day as long as we're in our offices.

    1. Subscribe to LifeOnEarth. We will use this listserv frequently to send messages like changes in lecture and workshop material and due dates. Everyone on the list gets the same message, and everyone can reply to the message, but the reply goes only to the person who sent the message.

      To subscribe, you must send a one-line email message to:
      The body of the message must contain only the following line:
      subscribe lifeonearth Firstname Lastname
      where Firstname is your first name; Lastname is your last name.
      for example: subscribe lifeonearth John Doe
      lifeonearth is one word (no spaces and no capitals).
      Do not put anything in the "SUBJECT" line of the top box of your message.

      For example: (your own address)
      Subject:Leave this blank.
      Cc:Leave this blank.
      Bcc:Leave this blank.
      X-attachments:Leave this blank.

       subscribe lifeonearth John Doe


    2. You should receive a message from the listserv software indicating that you have been added to the listserv, and outlining your privileges and obligations. Thereafter, you will receive all messages sent to the lifeonearth listserv, and any reply you make to the listserv will be sent to everyone on the listserv. (Be Careful)

    3. If you have trouble getting subscribed to the listserv, you should do the following things in this order: (1) Get help from a friend who has successfully subscribed to a listserv before or is a known computer nerd. (2) Contact the help desk at CCIT. Their number is 621-HELP. Please get help from a friend first. Only if that fails should you contact CCIT. (They are nice folks but you don't want to bother them with something simple.)

Owen Davis 8/01