Fall Semester, 2012
Class Schedule*

Aug20 m 1 Overview and Organization syllabus browser check  
Aug22 w 2 Nature of Science What is Science  
Aug24 f I Wks 1 NOTES Wks 1 Instructions pdf  
Aug27 m 3 Atoms, Molecules & Life Atoms & Mollecules Lq 1-2 DueAug 27 m
Aug29 w 4 Biogeochemical Cycles Bio-Geo-Cycles  
Aug31 f w i Writing Exercise I UA Library Examples Rept p5 pdf example ref WKI hypoth Due D2L Aug 31 f
Sep3 m   No Classes - Labor Day    
Sep5 w 5 Origin & Evolution of Life Taxonomy & Origin Lq 3-4 Due Sep5 w
Sep7 f w i Writing Exercise I Report Due Dropbox D2L WRITING I Dropbox D2L Sep 7 f
Sep10 m 6 Origin of Sex - Genetics Sex Genetics  
Sep12 w 7 Cells & Viruses Cells Lq 5-6 Due Sep12 w
Sep14 f II WikiP Wks 2 GM Foods Wks 2 pdf  
Sep17 m 8 Genes to Organisms Genes  
Sep19 w 9 Molecular Biology Protein Synthesis Lq 7-8 Due Sep21 w
Sep21 f III Wks 3 Debate W 3 rtf pdf WK II GM food DueSep 21 f
Sep24 m 10 Theory of Evolution Darwin  
Sep26 w   LECTURES 1-10 Review for Exam Practice Exam 1 Lq 9-10 Due Sep26 w
Sep28 f   100 pt. EXAM #1 Assigned Seating  
Oct1 m 11 Evolutionary Trends & Extinction MacroMicroEvo  
Oct3 w 12 Evolution, Extinction & Future MacroMicroEvo  
Oct5 f IV Wks 4 Human Evolution wk4HumEvol.rtf pdf WK III Debate DueOct 5 f
Oct8 m 13 Human Evolution Human Evol. Lq 11-12 Due Oct 10 m
Oct10 w 14 Global Climate and Life Climate  
Oct12 f V Wks 5 Biodiversity Wk5.rtf pdf WK IV Hum Evo DueOct 12 f
Oct5 m 15 Terrestrial Ecosystems Ecosystems Lq 13-14 Due Oct 5 m
Oct17 w 16 Terrestrial Biomes Biomes  
Oct19 f VI Wk 6 Biomes Wk6.rtf pdf WKV Biodiversity Due Oc19 f
Oct22 m 17 Aquatic Ecosystems Aquatic  
Oct24 w 18 Dinosaurs & extinct ecosystems pdf Lq15-16-17 Due Oct 24 w
Oct26 f w ii Writing II Sci.Misconduct UA Libr Instrs. pdf Instructions WK VI Biomes Due Oc 26 f
Oct29 m 19 Species Interactions Ecology  
Oct31 w   LECTURES 11-19 Review for Exam Practice Exam 2 Lq 18-19 Due Nov 1 tu
Nov2 f   100 pt. EXAM #2 Assigned Seating  
Nov5 m 20 Population Biology Popn. Ecol.  
Nov7 w 21 Human Population Human Popn.  
Nov9 f VII Wks 7 Human Population Wk7.rtf pdf WRITING II Dropbox D2LNov 9 f
Nov12 m   No Classes - Veterans Day    
Nov14 w 22 Behavioural Biology Behavioural Biol. Lq 20-21 DueNov 14 m
Nov16 f VIII Wks 8 El Niño Wks 8 El Niño pdf WK VII HumPopn Due Nov 16 f
Nov19 m 23 Risk & Toxicology Risk  
Nov21 w 24 Human Disease Hum.Disease Lq 22-23 Due Nov 23 m
Nov23 f   No Classes - Thanksgiving    
Nov26 m 25 Air Pollution & Life Air Pollution  
Nov28 w 26 Climate Change Climate Ch Lq 24-25 Due Nov 28 w
Nov30 f 27 Greenhouse Warming & Life Greenhouse Effect  
Dec3 m 28 Ozone Depletion & Life Ozone Lq 26-27 Due Dec 3 f
Dec5 w   LECTURES 19 - 28 Review for Exam Practice Exam 3 WK VIII Due Dec 5 w
Dec 13 th   1:00-2:00 100 pt. EXAM #3 ILC 120
(regular room)
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This schedule is tentative - it will be updated - (rev. 8/17/12).

Fall, 2012 OKD