We're concerned that some students are not sitting in their assigned seats and are losing attendance credit. Please check the current chart to make sure you're in your assigned seat. On the D2L gradesheat, at the far right, is your attendance credit as of Mon Jan 23. This column "Att012312" has up to 10 points. If you're sitting in the wrong seat your credit could be as low as zero.


We've extended the deadline for submission of our first 50-pt writing exercise until 11:59 tonight. Don't put it off until the last minute!
Read the instructions! Cheating hurts! The attendance-credit column has been removed from D2L grades.

are being graded this week. The grades for Section 2 are done except for a few in the front row. We will not grade any submissions made without first showing the GTA your seedling experiment. (see p. 1 instructions). If you submitted the paper in the dropbox, but your grade does not show up before the end of the week, check with your GTA!

are graded and the rest are promised "by Monday." Note that papers submitted in the wrong file format will not receive grades!
Today, Fri, begins the GM Food workshops. Next Fri (10 Feb) you must bring to workshop
  1. your plasmid
RedCircle   2. your pro & con statements
  3. a blank group-report

are due Fri (10 Feb) at the beginning of lecture. There has always been a problem with operating systems. Some MACs with certain operating systems will not display certain images. That's why there are two copies of the instructions in the schedule. Wks 2 pdf. If you use a MAC (or older ipad) and can't see the image, try the .pdf file.
  1. your plasmid
RedCircle   2. your pro & con statements
  3. a blank group-report

Workshop 3
is now open for students who participated in the debate, and their names were submitted by their GTA. When you click on "quizzes" on the toolbar above the GEOS170C homepage on D2l, if youRedCircle," can see "WKSHP 03 Debate
just click on the name and it'll open. If your GTA has not submitted your name, you shouldn't be able to see the name or circle.

Exam 1
is in class this Fri Feb 17. To receive an exam you must be sitting in your assigned seat.
1 do the online practice exam and use the colored numbers to view the source of the question.
1 Take the D2L practice exam (in "Quizzes") as many times as you can, each time looking up the answers between trials.
Temporarily, the last column of D2L grades is your 2/10/12 attendance credit.

Exam 1
grades are posted on D2L. Congratulations to those who took so many D2L practice exams, there were 29 "As." There were 3 98% scores. The average grade was 72.

Extra Credit Excused Absence
From ½ to 3 absences may be excused depending to how "biological" vs "human-cultural" the topic is, and it's quality: In focus, not copied... examples

2nd Writing Exercise
begins Friday, due Fri Apr 13 2:00pm. The topic will be "Scientific Misconduct." Word-for-word quotes must be in quotation marks with a citation to a reference in the "Work Cited". MLA style is not acceptable. Encyclopedias, including Wikipedia are not acceptable references. Under no circumstances can you submit a paper or any part of a paper that has been submitted by you or anyone else in any other class, or in previous semesters of this class, anywhere, for any other reason. Your paper must have been written solely for this class Your paper cannot have 10 words or more in sequence, without quotation marks and citation, that occur in the same sequence in any other written document.

Extra extra credit
One - two excused absences for those who did not submit photos.
1. you must complete at least 9 attempts taken more than 20 minutes after the proceeding attempt
2. one of your attempts must be 20 points higher than your lowest score
3. an additional excused absence (total 2) if your exam score is more than 3 points higher than your highest practice-exam score.


Exam 2
The grades were the highest I've seen for Exam 2.
There were 7 100%'s in the 65 'As'.
The average grade was "75%
Eleven people did not take the exam and 2 exams were not recovered. If you do not have a score but took the exam, email Prof. Davis immediately.