Welcome to NATS104 Life on Earth. There's plenty of room in Modern Languages 350, but seating is assigned. For the first two weeks come early to find your assigned seat. We'll take attendance by passing out forms for you to fill-out. After that you must be sitting in your seat in order to be marked present.


1. In class I gave the address for D2L as Copy and paste that address into your browser and complete the [UA NetId Login].
2. Continue sitting in your assigned seats or in section 3 if you don't yet have one. After class, today, more students dropped and added the class. The revised seating chart will be posted on the D2L homepage next Friday at the earliest. Until then, everyone will be given credit for attending class.
3. The quizzes and workshops are under | Quizzes | in the blue bar at the top of the class homepage on D2L.


NATS104 meets MWF room 350 Modern Languages. This Friday, we'll discuss "hypotheses." You'll use the results of that in-class discussion to complete workshop 1.



40 students have dropped and added NATS104 in the last 24 hours, so the revised seating chart will not be posted until Monday (8/30) morning. Students who have requested special seating have been added to the chart and should sit in their new seats. All others should sit in their assigned seats or in section 3, if they do not yet have an seat assigned on the chart.


You must show your seedling experiment to your GTA before
Fri Sep 3. Only students who have been checked by their GTA will be added to, and will receive a grade for the first writing assignment.

The seating chart has been revised. Please log on to D2L and clicked on Assigned Seating to find your seat. Students in section 1 won't move much, but the seats in section 3 are now assigned.


Most of the hypotheses have been graded and Workshop 1 grades reported. The average score is 89% for the multiple-choice questions plus the hypothesis.

On Sept 17 students with excessive absences (more than 1/2 of the classes for which attendance has been taken) will be given an administrative drop.


You were emailed the account information from Fri 9/3/2010 6:30 PM. Use that information to create an account or to log onto TurnItIn, if you already have an account.
Students have already deposited their seedling reports. Your report is due no later than midnight Fri Sep 10. The TurnItIn exercise will close Sep 12 for late submissions, 10 points off per day.
Check the name to which the TurnItIn email was sent. Your last-name and first name may have been reversed!! If you have trouble creating your account or logging in, try switching the order.
Don't put it off 'til the last minute!
If, when you are creating an account, you get an error message that your email address is already in the system. Create your account with a non-UA email address.
Another Hint
If your GTA has checked your seeds, but TurnItIn hasn't sent you a message, just email:


THIS WEEK (13-17/09)
This week's lectures include four important topics: mitosis, Mendelian genetics, bacteria and viruses. There is a lot of vocabulary, so be sure to read the assigned readings before class (as always), and review the lecture notes before and after class. The workshop involves reading, understanding an a hand-in.


Lecture Quiz 6-7 and Workshop 2 have been repaired so that they properly display and record grades. Lecture Quiz 8-9 will open after class Monday. Practice Exam 1 will open Friday.

Seedling Reports
Most have been graded. The grades will be on D2L soon. The average score currently is 46 – "B -."


Bring your completed plasmid Wk2 p.7, pro & con statements, and the debate form Wk3 p.3 to class, this Friday.
D2L Workshop 3
will only be available to students whose names are on the debate form (Wk3 p.3) turned in to the GTAs at the end of class, Friday.


You'll need your Student ID number and CatCard to submit your Exam.

Lecture 10
There is no lecture quiz for lecture 10, to give you time to study for exam 1. The questions for that lecture will be on the D2L practice exam.

D2L Workshop 2
The original scores in D2L grades were just 2X the quiz score. The plasmid grades have now been added.

D2L Workshop 3
is available to students who participate in the debate. If your name was on the debate form, but you were absent when we signed your form, you were not give access to Wk 3.


EXAM 1 FALL 2010
The average grade for Exam 1 was 66% = "D" (vs. "C" previously)
Although the exam questions were from the same data set as previous semesters, the grades were much lower than the 4 previous semesters, particularly the number of "Cs" was lower.
Several answer sheets were unreadable. Please make an appointment to locate your exam and answer sheet if your grade is not recorded.


D2L & MACs
At the beginning of the semester we asked you to check that your computer was configured to use D2L. The readings for the first lecture include links to help you: browser check more detail again. If you have permission, but get a message "ERROR 'not authorized'" message it is likely that your computer is not configured properly, so you must either use a UA computer or take your computer to an OSCR or 24-7 lab for help.


EXAM 1 Grade Change
One of the questions on Exam 1 (all forms) was written wrong. Everyone has been given 2 more points for exam 1.


EXAM 1 Grade Change
One of the questions on Exam 1 (all forms) was written wrong. Everyone has been given 2 more points for exam 1.


Avoid nasty surprises by reading the "Current Announcements," "Events" and schedule when you log onto D2L. Next week, we begin the 2nd writing assignment, and the following week is Exam 2.


Friday Begin WRITING II
There will be no D2L Workshop for this Friday. Instead, you should begin looking for a topic and writing your second 50-pt paper, due Nov. 19. The topic must be Scientific Misconduct." There is a list of examples on the WII instructions. Others may be acceptable, with the written (email OK) permission of Prof. Davis.


EXAM 2 Next Week Nov 5
  1. The Practice Exams will be available starting Friday. Do as many of these as you can. If done right, the exam scores increase one grade for every 5-7 practice exams completed.
  2. There will be an in-class review session Wed Nov 3
  3. The GTAs will offer an evening review session 7:-9:00pm, Nov 4, rooms 201 and 209, Gould Simpson.


Exam 2 sp 2010 vs. Fall 2010
 Sp09 Fl09 Sp10 Fl10 
  26  05  05  07A
  50  34  30  46B
  65  63  75  55C
  46  59  70  55D
  26  95  50  42E
  --  --  --  ----
  74  64  67  69Ave

One student came by who thought she had done well, but received a poor grade. While checking her work I noticed she had marked the wrong exam form. And, when I transferred her answers from form "A" to "B" I realized the grading program wasn't adding correctly. The corrected grades are recorded on D2L.

40% of the points remain ungraded. Except those with "A-s," anyone can raise their grade by one letter (ex. "C" to "B") by getting A-s for the remaining points.



Review Sessions:
On average, the exam scores were within 2 points of their average grade for previoius work. However, those who did not attend the Wed or Thr reviews scored 14.6 points lower than their previous average.

D2L practice exams:
On average, Exam 2 grades were one grade (A, B...) higher for every 7 practice-exam attempts.


Attendance is required.
"Attendance will be monitored by assigned seating. You will be marked absent (-1 pt) if you do not sit in your assigned seat, for any reason (Syllabus)."
#students - #absences 11/16/10
12 0 absences
27 1 absence
30 2 absences
30 3 absences
18 4 absences
17 5 absences
19 6 absences
12 7 absences
7 8 absences
9 9 absences
40 10 or more absences
Please enquire in an email to Prof Davis regarding your current number of absences.

Paper Topics.
"...published research is sometimes false. When this is discovered, the scientist responsible is subject to professional sanctions (firing) and civil judgments (jail) (WrII_Outline.rtf)."
Write on an example of scientific writing misconduct.


Term Paper LINKS from schedule




With 80% of the points recorded,
The class average is now C-. The average for the 2nd writing assignment was 84% "B."


Extra Credit Survey Dec 1-8.
D2L Practice Exam Dec 1-17.
Please read: Global Warming Politics


GTA Review Sessions Exam 3
  room 228A Gould-Simpson
Wed Dec 155-7pmRachel
Wed Dec 157-9pmRoxana
Thr Dec 165-7pmRachel
Thr Dec 167-9pmRoxana


The average score for Exam 3
was "71%" and high score was "100%"
The average semester grade
for Fall Semester, 2010 is "C."
The grade breakdown was