NATS 104

General workshop rules and expectations:

You will be on time.

You will stay until the workshop period is over.

If you want an absence excused, will be late, or need to leave early you must let the TA know in advance. *

All due dates are clearly written in the workshops. These are final unless you have an excused absence and have made other arrangements in advance with your TA.

Assignments will be accepted up until the next class lecture period after the due date with a 10% grade reduction.

Assignments later than this will be accepted with a 50% grade reduction.

Answers to all questions must be written in complete sentences. If the question asks you to Explain, you should do so using more than one sentence. However, remember that clarity is more important than quantity.

If you need to perform calculations to complete a mathematical question, you must show all your work clearly to receive full credit.

Working together is encouraged but copying is unacceptable. You can discuss questions with other students, but what you write down must be your own words.

When you are required to work in a group your TA may instruct you to turn in one copy of certain data. You should also complete your own worksheet. You must answer each question in your own words. Copying the work of another person in the work group is plagiarism.

All forms of cheating, including plagiarism (see p. 28), will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely as outlined in the syllabus and discussed in class.

Respect your TA and fellow students and have FUN!

Workshop Absence Policy: You are allowed one excused absence with no points deducted from that week's workshop. If you turn in your lab later than the due date, point deductions will be as stated above (10%, 50%). An absence is only excused if you notify your TA in advance of that workshop in person, by email, or by leaving a message at the Goesciences office, 208 Gould Simpson. All other absences will result in a 5-point deduction from that week's workshop, in addition to any other deductions resulting from late work. Excersises that can't be done on our own will be compensated for by a make-up assignment to be determined by the TA.

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Last Revised Dec. 17, 2004