Annual resolution dates from corals
This image, from studies by Erica Hendy et al. (E.J. Hendy et al., 2003; E.J. Hendy, 2003a) compares the discharge from Burdekin River in northeastern Australia with the two coral cores taken north of the river mouth. The images are produced by long-wave UV luminescence photography of the cores. The bright lines in the corals are produced by humic acids from terrestrial plants, which are washed into the sea by rivers and deposited in the corals as they grow. In general, the greater the discharge, the larger and more distinct the bands. Floods are more frequent during La Niña years. This study, which includes many overlapping coral cores, traces the history of climate variation (ENSO) to the year 1615. [image]
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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Paleoclimatology Program/Department of Commerce
Two sections of a core of Pavona clavus from Urvina Bay, Galapagos (0, 91W)
Rob Dunbar, Department of Geology and Geophysics, Rice University
This image is a plain light photograph the curved lines in the upper photograph were produced by a saw. Notice that the bands are not visible in plain light. The hand-drawn lines below were drawn under UV illumination.
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