NATS 104 Spring, 2004
Extra Credit-Due Friday, April 30 @ 5:00 PM
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place in Crista Placzec's mail box 3rd Floor Gould-Simpson

For this workshop you will need to use the following web sites that show maps of the global impacts of ENSO. The first map is of warm episodes (El Niņo events). The second is of cold episodes (La Niņa events).

The ENSO phenomenon occurs in the Tropical Pacific. Do you see impacts outside of this region in the winter? In the summer? List two regions outside of the tropics affected by warm (El Niņo) events. List two in regions not next to the Pacific Ocean that are effected by warm (El Niņo) events. (5pts)

How is Arizona affected by warm (El Niņo) events? By cold (La Niņa) events? Be sure to describe both seasons. (3 pts)

Warm (El Niņo) events have been associated with famine in India. Does this surprise you? Why or why not? (2pts)