Tues Thrs 8:00-9:15p.m. BSW 237



  • Instructor
    Professor Owen Davis Office Hours: Mon., Wed., Fri. 1-2:00
    Gould-Simpson Rm 344 (621-7953); e-mail:

  • Class Web Page The class web page contains an up-to-date class schedule, announcements, and other class information.

  • Required Textbook
    Huggett, R.J. 2004.
    Fundamentals of Biogeography.
    (Second Ed.) Routledge, Taylor Francis, London & New York.
    The textbook readings are not optional and must be finished before the subject is covered in lecture.

  • Attendance
    Attendance in lecture is required. You will only be able to earn a high grade by attending lectures, taking careful notes, and doing all the required readings.

  • Cheating
    DON'T DO IT!!! Cheating is any attempt to represent someone else's work (on exams, quizzes, extra credit reports) as your own. Cheating will result in a grade of zero for the assignment, a failing grade in the course, and referral to the Dean of Students, Melissa Vito, for possible suspension or expulsion from the University. Refer to the University of Arizona Code of Academic Conduct (link) and the University Code of Academic Integrity (link).

  • Course Grade
    Grades are based on 3 100-point exams 300 points, plus
    Graduate students (538) must complete a 100 point term paper (due 5/4/05 [last day of classes, date changed 4/7/05]).
    Homework may be available.
    ≥90% = A 89% to 80% = B 79% to 70% = C 69% to 60% = D <60% = E