Peter J. Coney Archival Collection

Archival Materials (file cabinet 3)

AuthorTItleCall LettersLocation
Coney, Peter J. Stephen J. Reynolds 1977 Cordilleran Benioff Zones. CON 001 Cab3d2
Coney, Peter J. 1978 The Plate Tectonic Setting of Southestern Arizona. CON 002 Cab3d2
Coney, Peter J. 1979 Tertiary Evolution of Cordilleran Metamorphic Core Complexes. CON 003 Cab3d2
Coney, Peter J. Stephen J. Reynolds Stanley B. Keith 1980 Stacked Overthrusts of Precambrain Crystalline Basement, and Inverted Paleozoic Sections Emplaced Over Mesozoic Strata, West-Central Arizona. CON 004 Cab3d2
Coney, Peter J. 1980 Cordilleran Metamorphic Core Complexes: An Overview. CON 005 Cab3d2
Coney, Peter J. William R. Dickinson 1980 Plate Tectonic Constraints On the Origin of the Gulf of Mexico. CON 006 Cab3d2
Coney, Peter J . N.J. Silberling D.L. Jones D.H. Richter 1980 Structural Relations Along the Leading Edge of Wrangellia in the Clearwater Mountains, Alaska. CON 007 Cab3d2
Coney, Peter J. David L. Jones James W. H. Monger 1980 Cordilleran Suspect Terranes. CON 008 Cab3d2
Coney, Peter J. 1981 Accretionary Tectonics in Western North America. CON 009 Cab3d2
Coney, Peter J. Dennis Overbye 1983 The Jigsaw Earth; Puzzling Patches of Foreign Land in Alaska and Elsewhere Shake Up Geological Thinking About Plate Tectonics. CON 010 Cab3d2
Coney, Peter J. 1983 Un Modelo Tectonico de Mexico y sus Relaciones con America del Norte, America del Sur y el Caribe. CON 011 Cab3d2
Coney, Peter J. 1983 Recognition, Character and Analysis of Tectonostratigraphic Terranes in Western North America. CON 012 Cab3d2
Coney, Peter J. 1983 Tectonic Timing and Accretionary Tectonics in Western North America. CON 013 Cab3d2
Coney, Peter J. Wolfgang E. Elston Paul E. Damon R. C. Rhodes E. I. Smith M. Bikerman Tertiary Volcanic Rocks, Mogollon Datil Province, New Mexico, and Surrounding Region: K-Ar Dates, Patterns of Eruption, and Periods of Mineralization. CON 014 Cab3d2
Coney, Peter J. Plate Tectonics and the Laramide Orogeny. CON 015 Cab3d2
Coney, Peter J. Structure, Volcanic Stratigraphy, and Gravity Across the Mogollon Plateau, New Mexico. CON 016 Cab3d2
Coney, Peter J. Paleomagnetic Evidence for Jurassic Deformation of te McCoy Mountains Formation, Southeastern California and Southwestern Arizona. MISSING
Coney, Peter J. Mesozoic-Cenozoic Cordilleran Plate Tectonics. CON 017 Cab3d2
Coney, Peter J. D.L. Jones H.C. Berg Anita Harris Structural and Stratigraphic Significance of Upper Devonian and Mississippian Fossils From Canary Formation , Kupreanof Island, Southeast Alaska. CON 018 Cab3d2