Elizabeth O'Leary

Thanks Elizabeth !

After over 20 years of service, Elizabeth O'Leary has retired as the Antevs Librarian. She has held this position longer than any other librarian, since the library was created in 1973 by an endowment from Geosciences adjunct Professor Ernst Antevs.

"There were three librarians before me," Elizabeth said recently, "Beverly, Barbara, and Nancy, Nancy was only there for 4 months."

Elizabeth started work in December of 1980, when Ed McCullough was Chair of the Department. "My first duty was to attend the Departmental Christmas Party," Elizabeth said, "They served 'heavy water' and 'heavier water.'"

Since her arrival in 1980, the Library has been staffed by Elizabeth and many volunteers. "I have been lucky about working with good people," Elizabeth said. Phil Procter and several others were had been librarians before they retired and volunteered several hours a week; and there were many, many students through the years, like Tina Wells. When the Department moved into the Gould Simpson Building, one of the Post-Docs was in charge of moving the library into room 301, but a lot of things had to be moved onto storage on the fourth floor. Later, when the Department lost that storage several faculty members volunteered to store journals in their offices!

After retirement, Elizabeth began volunteering in the libraryto "tie up loose ends," but she now observes that, "I've gotten tied up in being retired." Some of those ties are with Elizabeth's humanitarian efforts in adopting grayhounds from local racetracks. You can read about that in the Arizona Daily Star Tuesday, October 22, 2002.