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Death Valley

Found: Thousands of Man-Made Minerals—Another Argument for the Anthropocene
Scientific American 3/1/17
Colorado River Flows to Keep Shrinking as Climate Warms
UA News 2/20/17
UA Researchers Win Four of Five State Bisgrove Scholar Awards
UA News 1/23/17
Green Sahara's Ancient Rainfall Regime Revealed by Scientists
UA News 1/18/17

How much longer can Antarctica’s hostile ocean delay global warming?
Nature 11/16/16
Colorado River's dead clams tell tales of carbon emission
Cornell Chronicle 10/31/16
Colorado River Delta Flows Help Birds, Plants, Groundwater
UA News 10/19/16
Internships Give a Career Boost to Geosciences Transfer Students
UA News 10/12/16
Curiosity Drives Wonder About Mars
AAPG Explorer 10/16
Westerly winds have blown across central Asia for at least 42 million years
EurekAlert! 9/13/16
UA research shows sea levels predict global temp changes
Arizona Daily Wildcat 9/12/16
Pacific Sea Level Predicts Global Temperature Changes
UA News 8/17/16
The waters of this huge African lake aren’t mixing — and the consequences could be devastating
Wasghington Post 8/9/16
Has global warming killed off the fish in Africa's deepest lake?
CNBC 8/9/16
World’s longest lake is being depleted of life as waters warm
New Scientist 8/8/16
Decline of fishing in Lake Tanganyika 'due to warming'
BBC News 8/8/16
Lake Tanganyika Fisheries Declining From Global Warming
UA News 8/8/16
The Colorado River’s unexpected carbon footprint
High Country News 7/26/16
Rock On: A Reunion at the UA Mineral Museum
UA News 6/15/16
Global Ocean Data Illuminate Earth's Future Climate
CyVerse 6/8/16
Post-Wildfire Erosion Can Sculpt Forested Mountains
UANews 4/18/16
Drought in Eastern Mediterranean Worst of Past 900 Years
UANews 3/3/16
Barbara Carrapa - The World's Highest Mountains are Her Classroom
UA Parent and Family Programs Newsletter 3/1/16
Here's why University of Arizona geologists fall for potholes
Arizona Daily Star 1/24/16
Undergrads analyze some of Earth's oldest minerals
Arizona Daily Star 1/24/16