Graduate Students | MS Program Requirements


Graduate College (GC) forms will be routed through GradPath in UAccess. Geosciences (GEO) forms will be submitted to the Geosciences Graduate Office. MS degrees are expected to take two years to complete. Students not following this schedule are at risk of making unsatisfactory academic progress.

Please refer to the Steps to Your Degree page for information about GC forms.


Important Info What When

Get the details on your MS here:

Geosciences MS Handbook
Complete with forms
(PDF file)

Responsible Conduct of Research (GC)

Submit this form through GradPath. Required before any other forms can be filed.

1st Semester
Choose major advisor and research committee members; plan program of study. 1st Semester

Master's Plan of Study (GC).

Submit this form through GradPath.

List 30 units of course work.

2nd Semester

Master's Committee Appointment (GC).
Submit this form through GradPath. Your committee must have three members; two members must be tenure-track in Geosciences. (Check "no" on archive thesis.)

2nd Semester

Proposed Research

Meet with Research Committee and formulate research proposal.

Submit Proposed Research form to Academic office (GEO PDF file).

2nd Semester

Remember your yearly committee meeting!

Each student must meet with their committee once a year (see handbook for details).

Public Presentation

Give a public presentation of your research.
Submit Public Presentation form to Academic office (GEO PDF file).

4th Semester

Submit Thesis/Prepublication

Thesis: If your advisor requires it, submit one copy of the thesis to the Graduate College. All students must submit one copy to the Department by the posted deadline.

Prepublication: Submit one copy of the prepublication to the Department (the prepublication is not submitted to the Graduate College) by the posted thesis deadline.


4th Semester
by posted deadline